ChemWork-a forefront Manufacturer & Distributor of Chimical products for every segment of industries
1) Be committed to plan, improve, and progress several tasks of our in-house managerial administraion carrying on towards with effective measure.
2) Consecutively follow up each division at work, meanwhile taking care of ours standing on firm efficiency.
3) Ultimately adding up yields in production, generate new items conformed to up-to-date markets' demand.
4) Research, Rectify, Develop in order properly for production-technology througout any packing system.
5) Keeping up the professional knowledge and staves' positive interations of every sector.
6) Beware of safety first and recognize general environment above all.
Safety & Environment Management System
ChemWork Co., Ltd. has been realizing of safety since establishment of the company till at the present, furthermore the environment of fine quality in particular. Hence a safety and environment management systerm has been set up then, and those mentioned have been being seriously done as follows:-
Staves maintain discipline strictly at work and the company provides for any training program helpful to their conscious mind keeping practices in co-operation.
Fixing controlling methods as well as checking and evaluation obviously so as to make us much more sure that there is an ultimate safety inside the plant.
Selecting up any technology friendly with people and environment such as a deodorizing system and/or a wastewater treatment system.
Use resources based on a unit value most without any pollution e.g., taking back water of a cooling sytem in use at least by 3 times, afterwards taking it back 1 more time for cleaning utensils--the last procedure, such will be led to a process of its treatment prior to drain away to a sewerage system next respectively.


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